Benefits Of Saving The Tropicana

  1. Additional swimming facilities are needed by Weston-super-Mare - There is an identified need which is evidenced by North Somerset Council asking developers to contribute towards extra swimming facilities for the town. View a response from the Leisure department of North Somerset Council.

  2. The refurbishment will contribute economically by employing well over 100 people in a year to run and manage the swimming pool and the health, fitness, leisure and entertainment facilities. The retail units will create additional employment opportunities as well.

  3. It will enhance tourism for the area and Weston-super-Mare – Under the North Somerset Council Blue Skies Tourism Strategy they specifically mention the Tropicana as a key tourism site on the seafront and redevelopment should be progressed so it is a fully operational leisure attraction.  The most recent visitor survey published (2012) referred to comments about the need for the Tropicana to be refurbished and brought back into use.

  4. It will increase spending in the town centre for other attractions and retail outlets due to the increase in visitors the new Tropicana will attract. It has the possibility that visitors will stay overnight increasing business to the hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.

  5. Improve the opportunities for health and fitness in the area.  The proposal provides swimming, gym and leisure activities within the South Ward and addresses key policy objectives and assists in redressing the balance between facilities available to those in the South Ward and those elsewhere in the district.

  6. It will create an Olympic size swimming pool for the benefit of the wider area. There are no other pools capable of Olympic training or Diving in the area and sport tourism is a fast growing phenomenon with training requirements for national and international sporting events leading to “hubs” of sporting expertise. It will create the opportunity to have a High Performance Sports Facility (HPS) in the South-West and we have already had support from the Paralympic Water Polo team that they would use the facility as well as Weston Swimming Club.

  7. Regeneration of town centre and seafront - The proposal delivers a replacement sports, leisure and entertainment facility on previously developed land and retains a characteristic land mark building within a Conservation Area. As part of the regeneration of the Town Centre, the Tropicana building is specifically identified as requiring redevelopment, Policy CS 29 Seafront advises “Alongside and adjacent to the seafront, priority will be given to entertainment and leisure uses, tourist facilities and accommodation. Priority will be given to regeneration of key redevelopment sites such as the Tropicana and Birnbeck Island.”

  8. Bring improvement to the Conservation Area – by refurbishing the neglected Tropicana the immediate area which is within a designated Conservation area will be improved.

  9. It will retain a Heritage building for future generations to enjoy.

For a detailed explanation read the Planning Statement submitted with our proposal.