Our Proposal

Trop (WsM) Ltd, a group of businesses led by Derek Mead, put forward an application to reconstruct the pool and create a beach side entertainment facility. Sutherland Property & Legal Services is the planning consultant for Trop (WsM) Ltd. 

Our outline planning application to redevelop the derelict Tropicana site in Weston-super-Mare has been approved by North Somerset Council. However, we still require consent from the landowner (North Somerset Council) before the scheme can go ahead.

After a successful campaign against North Somerset Councils Executive’s demolition proposals lasting two years culminating with the Secretary of State halting the demolition of the building, the campaign group The Trop (WsM) Ltd was superseded by The Trop Trust. Trustees are in place to take on the task of working with a volunteer enabling team (consisting of local and respected business people) to oversee fund raising and grant applications to finance the project.

Our proposal shows how we would  reconstruct the pool and provide an Olympic sized swimming pool and beach side entertainment facility for residents and visitors to the region. The pool will provide all-weather functions by having both indoor and outdoor pools with up-to-date facilities. By doing this it allows us to demonstrate to the Council, statutory consultees and the public we have a viable alternative to knocking the building down.   

Our Commitment 

The council have said they would need to spend £700,000 to demolish the building.  

With our application we have made a commitment that, if the council were to approve our scheme and sell the building to us to refurbish it, if we did not take forward the plans within 3 years we would demolish the building at our cost.  This means the council will not have to spend the £700,000 of council tax payer’s money to get a rid of a building the community actually want to keep.

Support Us 

We have been successful in stopping the demolition of the building and encouraging the local authority to start a refurbishment plan of the front portion of the building but the rear area of the site remains undeveloped.

We continue to need your support so we can demonstrate to North Somerset Council and funding providers that the community and visitors continue to want a quality swimming facility on the beachfront in Weston-super-Mare.