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 Email to local Councillor within North Somerset

Dear Trop Trust Team

I support the opportunity for the Trop Trust team to apply for the

‘Right to Contest’ as per the information shown in italics below;

‘Recent changes under the Localism Act allows communities and businesses

to submit an application to buy or request release of a site that is underused or empty’

‘Right to Contest’

We believe this applies to the TROPICANA building.

We, the Team, can challenge your Local Authority North Somerset Council on this issue.

It’s time for a more independent administration across North Somerset.

As a valued community member/ visitor to the town this letter us to demonstrate my support for the above and the 

team applying for the ‘Right to Contest’ which strengthens the opportunity of delivering this. 

Please note this letter will be forwarded to The Trop Trust administration team and your Local Councillor. 


Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for your support.